I am open to the computers I have, I used to list them with photos, now I'll just list them:

Computers deemed to be retired/mothballed in 2020

computer namedescriptionusestateretirement inWatts
earth2012 Mac Mini, 16 GB RAMMiscellaneouson2020?
uranusAtom N270, 1 GB RAMlivingroomon202010W
saturnAcer Aspire One netbook, 4 GB RAMUtility netbooksleeping (zzz)20200.5W sleeping
rpiRaspberry Pi v.1Linux access pointoff20205 watts?
Freifunk routers3 x TP-LINK WR-841WRv10in packagesoff2020+3W
thetaCore i3 workstation 4 GB RAMofficesleeping2020?

computers that remain after 2020

computer namedescriptionusestateretirement inWatts
betaXeon E3-1275v3, 32 GB RAMMain workstationon, powersavings2022?
gammaPC-Engines APU1, 2 GB RAMLivingroom firewalloff2022?
zetaUbiquiti Networks ER-8main routeron cabinet202235 watts?
etaUbiquiti Networks Unifi Security Gatewayoff2022+7 watts
AREA52UTP-LINK WR-1043NDv4hallwayoff2022+5W
iotaPowerMac G5officeoff2022+100 W?
deltaAcer Aspire Netbook, 8 GB RAMLinux netbookoff2022+
mercuryNUC Core i3, 4 GB RAMcabineton, powersavings202310 W
spica2015 Macbook Pro, 16 GB RAMDJing & remote useon only when I'm at my parents (weekends)2023?
fitchHPE 10GbE switchin cabinetoff20287 W

VPS computers

I also have 6 VPS's by now, together under 20 EUR/mo at various networks. They are all OpenBSD VPS's.
computer namedescriptionusestateretirement inWatts
red2 GB vpshetzner, ircon
green2 GB vpshetzner, webon
blue2 GB vpshetzner, dnson
yellow1 GB vpsvultr, dnson
orange1 GB vpsvultr, mailon
omega2 GB vpsvultr, mailonmay 2019