Not to brag, but I am open to the computers I have, I used to list them with photos, now I'll just list them:
computer namedescriptionuse
betaXeon E3-1275v3, 32 GB RAMMain workstation
earth2012 Mac Mini, 16 GB RAMMiscellaneous
uranusAtom N270, 1 GB RAMHome Office firewall
gammaPC-Engines APU1, 2 GB RAMHome router/firewall
mercuryNUC Core i3, 4 GB RAMIPSEC accelerator
saturnAcer Aspire One netbook, 4 GB RAMUtility netbook
spica2015 Macbook Pro, 16 GB RAMDJing & remote use
deltaAcer Aspire Netbook, 8 GB RAMLinux netbook
rpiRaspberry Pi v.1Linux access point
zetaUbiquiti Networks ER-8livingroom router (yes, I know)
etaUbiquiti Networks Unifi Security Gatewayassists gamma for extra port

I also have 3 VPS's by now, each under 12 EUR/mo at various networks. Their names are,, and